A new religion

London-based artist Leonardo Ulian created this epic mandala by soldering together tiny electrical components. The result is a holy artifact for the millennial generation.

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BiKlops Design runs on three things: that kind of glue that has glitter already in it, the company of two very angry cats, and our monthly D&D nights. This year marks Dungeons & Dragons 40th anniversary, and with it Iconoscope films is Kickstarting a documentary. D&D was a huge influence and comfort (I was a nerd, people!) to me growing up and I can’t wait to see the finished film. Take a look at the trailer above and then go donate!

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The Facekini

To prevent acquiring a tan (a sign one is a manual laborer) the chinese have taken to wearing ‘face-kinis’ while on the beach. Unintentional bonus? They look completely insane/awesome.

NES Nintendo knitting machine

Now You’re Knitting With Power

In 1987 Nintendo played with the idea of bringing a NES-powered interactive knitting peripheral to market. Can you imagine what 8-bit hackers could do with this thing today? Just looking at the picture makes me tear up. Damn you Nintendo and your common sense!

Grimes ♒ Genesis

If the BiKlops offices have a singular mantra it is ‘more swords’! Nice to see someone is listening.

Genesis by Grimes
Directed by Claire Boucher

An Ice Cream Baby Eats Itself

No. Stop.


XXYYXX are BLOWING MY MIND right about now. Seriously—search Youtube for every track you can, they are all amazing. This track, LUV U GRL pt. 2 is a particular standout in my mind.


Keep your chin up.


I Will Obey



Anthony Burrill is a badass, plain and simple. I love how effortlessly he walks the line between 60′s modernism and tough-guy letterpress work ala Hatch Show Print. Great color palettes too.

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